We design digital strategies and we develop web technologies to improve the relationship of citizens with commercial brands and public administrations, as well as to promote internationalization and expansion of the foreign commercial network.

Sanhattan from the Antonio Lana hotel

CiT5 Asturias export consortium

In 2013, he was a partner and led an Asturian ICT company of recognized prestige in Spain and with international clients. Despite the challenges imposed by the economic crisis of 2008-2010, our team managed to not only survive but thrive, transforming an internal project into an innovative product with national reach. This success led us to the creation of a technological spin-off that, although initially promising, faced difficulties that culminated in the need to close the company and rethink strategies.

During my period as member of the Asturias ICT Cluster, together with five other Asturian technology companies, we made the decision to internationalize in Chile, forming a consortium to export technology and knowledge promoted by Asturex. I led this group and contributed to the development of important projects such as the digital transformation of the Municipal Theater of Santiago and the implementation of recommendation systems in virtual stores of Forus.

After representing both my own company and the consortium in Chile, I had the opportunity to lead two local companies, which allowed me to deepen my understanding and experience in the Chilean market. After 11 years of intense professional activity in Chile, today I offer my experience and knowledge to assist Spanish companies interested in entering and expanding in this market.

If you are looking for a strategic advisor who knows the terrain so much commercial As a cultural worker from Chile, I can be the help you need to lead your company to success in Latin America. Are you interested in exploring new opportunities in Chile? Get in touch and let's discover together how we can take your business to new horizons.

Antonio Lana, international marketing consultant and business director in Chile approved by Asturex.

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