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Liberalia Books
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Branding and online positioning of a book distributor in LATAM

Liberalia Books

We developed a modern and dynamic website for a book publisher and distributor with the creation and distribution of opinion articles.
The site works as a digital magazine, where users can find and read different texts published categorically. We implemented a labeling system that allows you to easily filter and organize content.
In addition, we provide the portal with intuitive navigation tools to move fluidly between sections, categories and articles.
Another important point was the integration of links to social media accounts, allowing the reach to be expanded through these platforms. We also added interactive contact forms.
On the other hand, we developed a marketing and communication plan to publicize the new portal. The objective is to position the brand and generate more organic traffic to the page.
In this way, the company now has its own digital platform to disseminate its articles and opinions. Users have an agile and friendly experience when interacting with the content.

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