We design digital strategies and we develop web technologies to improve the relationship of citizens with commercial brands and public administrations, as well as to promote internationalization and expansion of the foreign commercial network.

web, positioning and communication audits

Web Audit of Positioning and Communication

We audit all your digital platforms in depth to carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of their design, usability, content, technical performance and positioning. We evaluate aspects such as information architecture, user experience, performance on mobile devices, internal and external SEO, or the most relevant metrics of each digital channel.
With objective data obtained through advanced analytical tools, we prepare a detailed report with a comparative analysis against the competition, as well as a series of strategic and technical recommendations that are easy to difficult to implement.
Our goal is for you to identify areas of improvement to maximize the performance and conversion of your digital assets, in order to boost organic positioning, increase qualified interactions and enhance business objectives.”
In this way, each platform is audited in depth to diagnose areas for improvement and offer solutions that maximize the company's digital effectiveness.

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