We design digital strategies and we develop web technologies to improve the relationship of citizens with commercial brands and public administrations, as well as to promote internationalization and expansion of the foreign commercial network.

identification, capture and qualification of potential clients

On the Internet, the large amount of data generated by users represents a valuable opportunity for companies and public administrations. At PMC33 we specialize in helping our clients take advantage of this potential through analysis and qualification techniques of potential clients.

The service we offer consists of the outsourcing of the job of SDR (Sales Development Representative) who belongs to the commercial department and his work consists of sales development with tasks such as: qualify leads that are sales opportunities, contact customers leads through cold calling and emails, and represent the company to potential clients.

Our objective is to contribute to a better understanding and screening of current clients, and above all, future clients. We identify and we process information from different sources, such as the website, social networks and different databases. We contact with them with email marketing and advertising campaigns using artificial intelligence applications. Through phone calls and messages on Linkedin, we qualify and order the affinity of potential clients, and create a list of reactive customers weighted based on different interaction and affinity indicators.

The ultimate goal is to identify identify new audiences of our clients' product or service. With this, companies will be able to access new markets, and contact potential distributors and end customers.

Customer qualification flow
Flow of the qualification of potential clients

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