We design digital strategies and we develop web technologies to improve the relationship of citizens with commercial brands and public administrations, as well as to promote internationalization and expansion of the foreign commercial network.

marketing and communication plans

Marketing and Communication Plans

At PMC33 we specialize in the development of strategies and business plans aimed at achieving the maximum growth potential of your company.
We carry out an in-depth analysis of your current situation, considering aspects such as your product and service offering, your management model, your target customers, the competitive environment and market trends.
Based on this diagnosis, we develop a medium and long-term strategic plan, define measurable objectives and establish the concrete actions necessary to achieve them. Our focus is on improving four key pillars:
• Brand reputation: Position the company and its products/services as a valued and trusted option in its sector.
• Market positioning: Ensure that the company is recognized for its differential strengths.
• Effective communication: Create and implement marketing and advertising plans according to your strategy.
• Customer retention and loyalty: Implement programs that allow you to maintain a solid and lasting relationship with your current and future customers.
Likewise, when feasible, we study the opportunities to internationalize your operations to new markets where you can find synergies.

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