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HPC Chile hygienic supplies and industrial cleaning: effective resolution of corporate conflicts

In HPC Chile, as a result of discrepancies between the partners, both were faced in a complex legal scenario, which covered both personal and corporate issues, reaching the point of resolving such conflicts in an Arbitration process, however, the counterparty always sought to seek resolving said conflict quickly and efficiently.

Instead of prolonging a costly process of arbitration trial, we strived to find an amicable solution that would benefit both parties. Working with agility, we managed to reach a extrajudicial agreement which not only closed the arbitration trial in record time, but also resulted in a significant reduction in the Arbitration Judge's fees. A process that could have lasted 5 years was resolved in just 2 years, with 50% savings in fee costs.

Our strategy focused on using soft skills and of negotiation to ensure that the client suffered the least economic impact possible.

If your company faces corporate or legal conflicts, our team can offer you effective and efficient solutions. Contact us to obtain quality legal advice and resolve your problems satisfactorily in Chile.

Felipe Tobar, Chilean lawyer and legal consultant approved by Asturex.

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