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Acquisition by merger of Ewok engineering in Linets Chile: transformation and business growth

My experience leading the internet company Ewok Engineering began with the challenge of revitalize a company in the red. After acquiring the Chilean company PMC33 and managing my Spanish company in Chile for three years, I achieved Ewok transform production, adjust the workforce, negotiate incentives for project success, new lines of business and improve marketing of our services to a small but highly important customer base.

Our focus on quality and efficiency led us to overcome initial challenges and attract the attention of Linets, a larger company with complementary technology services. After successful negotiations, we managed to integrate our line of business into their service catalogue, which resulted in a significant increase in turnover and growth in financial results.

Subsequently, the merger with AcidLabs has elevated Linets to a continental dimension (Chile, Mexico, Colombia, USA), opening new opportunities and horizons for the company. 

If you are looking to expand your business in Chile or Latin America, I can offer you my experience as an international marketing consultant and business director in Chile, approved by Asturex. Contact me and let's discover together how to lead your company to success in this region.

Antonio Lana, international marketing consultant and business director in Chile approved by Asturex.

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