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Creation of subsidiaries in Chile

In 2018, she was a partner and legal advisor of a business group that was participating in the investment in several technology-based startups in Spain. After several reflections on the matter, and having also reached a agreement with an investor and partner Chilean, which was also managed by me, the business (and strategic) decision was finally made to establish a company in Chile as a vehicle to promote two technology-based projects.

The project was very successful, and thanks to the legal advice provided, the subsidiary of the Spanish company in Chile, in addition to supporting the creation of the legal basis of the business in all the necessary senses: internationalization of companies, international trade law, electronic and digital contracting, and foreign investment project (including several rounds of capital increases, etc.).

My participation in this project allowed me to further expand my knowledge in the field of internationalization and also gave me the opportunity to put into practice all the experience acquired during my time as legal advisor of the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) of the Government of Spain.

If you are looking for a legal advisor who knows the legal terrain of Chile, I can be the help you need to lead your company to success in Latin America. Are you interested in exploring new opportunities in Chile? Get in touch and let's discover together how we can take your business to new horizons.

Patricia Aria, international legal services consultancy approved by Asturex.

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