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Institutional aid in Asturias

Institutional Aid

Companies have at their disposal a range of government aid at the state, regional and local levels that they may not know exists, or that after checking them have determined their requirements are too complex despite the great benefit they could bring. It is perfectly possible that your business is the subject of an activity of general interest that is being subsidized, or that these activities provide commercial opportunities that had not been previously considered.

We accompany companies in the investigation, selection, presentation and justification of subsidies, government programs and other financial aid from entities such as SEKUENS, Chamber of Spain, EOI, Asturex, among other.

It is our objective to determine what aid would be most useful for your business, determine if its achievement is possible, we assist in the drafting of the application and the presentation of the required documents, as well as in general we provide assistance in the monitoring and control of the objectives set. by the granting entity.

We offer services of:

  • Write technical reports (an omnipresent requirement in almost all aid).
  • Search for suppliers and sponsors with interest in participating in a subsidized activity.
  • Elaborate budget (not only of interest to your business, it may also be a requirement).
  • Review the administrative documentation to present to the granting entity.
  • Accompany the client in uploading the project in the virtual branch or any other request methodology.
  • Monitoring of the granting process and advice on the application of funds.
  • In addition, we can integrate the team in charge of justifying the aid.


We work with companies and freelancers in Asturias, backed by our extensive experience with the business sector of the Principality of Asturias and we are approved as international digital marketing consultants and we are an external network in Chile for Asturex.

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